Museum Web Design

Here is a school project where I created a redesign of the Getty Villa website. At the moment, the website is just a link on the Getty website.Β I am proposing that the Getty Villa website should be its own website to make it more independent. There could be , and I believe only making the website independent will make it stronger because I the experience of going to both museums are very different from each other. The website will express more than just being a museum. I want the website to express the experience of the view, Malibu, nature, architecture, art, food the sunshine etc. The website will show the strength of Getty Villa which is the feeling it shares with the visitors. It has the feeling of relaxed, historical and beautiful. Because of the combination of the nature, the view, the ocean breeze, art, garden, statues, food and architecture. All these elements give more to the people than just indoors art exhibitions. I want to express that by having more imagery, more white space and less informational content.

Desktop Design:


Video Mockup


Mobile Design: