Today my friend and I who are working on an exciting project together had some meetings in Downtown Los Angeles. So When that happens, that we have to run around a little bit all day we get the opportunity to find and try new places to work remotely from. During this last six month, we have spent more time in DTLA than usual, and we have found a couple of favorite spots to get some work done 🙂 Places that has great coffee, wifi, and good work atmosphere. Some of our tops choose to go to are Don Francisco’s, The Verve Cafe and Bottega Louie. The Verve Cafe is a quiet, cozy coffee shop with beautiful green walls. The Don Francisco’s Coffee located in the Spring Arcade Building is a beautifully designed coffee shop and great to get a bunch of work done, Lastly, if we want to go a bit fancier, Bottega Louie is a perfect place for a macaroon, cappuccino and getting some work done.


Images above of Don Francisco’s coffee shop 🙂


Images above of The Verve Cafe coffee shop 🙂


Images above of Bottega Louie coffee shop 🙂


Feels so good to be back home in SM. Santa Monica is one of my favorite city’s because of it is a combination of an urban downtown but also a relaxed beach city. There is nothing better and more relaxing to do then start your weekend with biking down to the beach, lay out your towel, drink an iced coffee and listen to a great podcast meanwhile your boyfriend is surfing. It is literally the best therapy in the world 🙂 All stress or concerns I might have will disappear in a second, and I will feel 100% positive, happy and like I can do anything! The beach is my happy place!




Another wonderful week in Stockholm. I love Santa Monica, but there is something special to come home to your hometown. Stockholm is such a beautiful city full of great restaurants, bars, shops, and coffee shops. I was lucky because before I left to travel back to LA spring started to come to Sweden which is the best time of the year. When the sun is out, starting to bloom, people were sneakers and sunglasses, and people are starting to sit at outdoor restaurants seatings. The whole city starts to come to life, and it gives out an amazing feeling.


I love my job! First of all, I love what I do, my job feels more like an interest than a daily job, but then the fact that I can work from wherever I am which allows me to do two of the things that I love; design and travel. I am fortunate that I can be in Spain and at the same time be able to work on all my creative projects. I think that being out traveling and exploring makes me a better designer because it helps me to get more inspired than if I would just work from the same office every day. And who doesn’t want to travel, get inspired and be the best you can at what you do? 🙂



Not only am I getting to spend time in Stockholm, Sweden and see all my friends and family but I also got to go to Marbella Spain where I haven’t been for over two years. I usually go twice a year, but when I am living in LA, it is a bit more difficult to have a spontaneous weekend in Spain 😉 Because I have been there many times since I was a kid there is no stress to do a bunch of new activities. It instead if very relaxing and we go to the local market, eat at our favorite restaurants and just enjoy one of my favorite views. Love waking up in the mornings and having a coffee on the balcony, listening to the town waking up.