When I have friends visiting from Stockholm Sweden, I want to show them some of my favorite elements with LA which is the beach. There is nothing more beautiful, relaxing and peaceful than the ocean, sun, and sand between your toes. So we packed our beach bags and drove to Point Dume. It was a perfect beach day! Laying in the sun, paddle boarding, hiking up to Point Dume, playing beach games and just enjoying the ocean view. There is no better way to recharge and get ready for a new work week than a day on the beach.

Another getaway weekend! This time we decided to go on a small trip to hot Palm Springs. It was so hot but still such a fun, amazing weekend. We basically lived in the pool all day drinking Rose and then when it started to “cool” down at night time we bbq at the house, sat in the spa and just enjoyed each others company. Since all of us live in apartments, it is so nice to get a break from that and stay in a house over a weekend, getting to get to relax and hang out with each other in a back yard. It was a perfect little “family” getaway!