This past week my mom came from Stockholm Sweden to visit me in Santa Monica. Even though I was not going anywhere, there is nothing better than having your mom come to visit you because it becomes like a vacation at home. It means that I get taken care of by my mom which is always the best feeling, but also go out to restaurants, food & good wine, some shopping and of course just enjoying doing nothing and spending quality time with my mom. It is the best!


When I have friends visiting from Stockholm Sweden, I want to show them some of my favorite elements with LA which is the beach. There is nothing more beautiful, relaxing andΒ peaceful than the ocean, sun, and sand between your toes. So we packed our beach bags and drove to Point Dume. It was a perfect beach day! Laying in the sun, paddle boarding, hiking up to Point Dume, playing beach games and just enjoying the ocean view. There is no better way to recharge and get ready for a new work week than a day on the beach.


Feels so good to be back home in SM. Santa Monica is one of my favorite city’s because of it is a combination of an urban downtown but also a relaxed beach city. There is nothing better and more relaxing to do then start your weekend with biking down to the beach, lay out your towel, drink an iced coffee and listen to a great podcast meanwhile your boyfriend is surfing. It is literally the best therapy in the world πŸ™‚ All stress or concerns I might have will disappear in a second, and I will feel 100% positive, happy and like I can do anything! The beach is my happy place!