This past week my mom came from Stockholm Sweden to visit me in Santa Monica. Even though I was not going anywhere, there is nothing better than having your mom come to visit you because it becomes like a vacation at home. It means that I get taken care of by my mom which is always the best feeling, but also go out to restaurants, food & good wine, some shopping and of course just enjoying doing nothing and spending quality time with my mom. It is the best!



For the last couple of years, we have traveled to New York for my boyfriends birthday. His Birthday is on Laber day weekend, so it is the perfect time to do a small getaway weekend out of town, and since we love New York, we have made it a little tradition. Every year we celebrate his Birthday in New York. This year was as much fun and successful as all the other years πŸ™‚ We stayed at a hotel in the middle of Manhattan, the perfect location to explore the whole city, close to everything. It was a bit cold last year, but this year it was still New York summer heat, so we got to experience the new york summer fun such as cocktails on rooftops with beautiful skyline views, drinking rose by Soho rooftop pool, Ice coffee in Central Park, Traditional flavored New Yorker Pizza and of course a lot of good shopping. It was a perfect birthday getaway weekend, and I can’t wait to do it all again next year!