When I have friends visiting from Stockholm Sweden, I want to show them some of my favorite elements with LA which is the beach. There is nothing more beautiful, relaxing and peaceful than the ocean, sun, and sand between your toes. So we packed our beach bags and drove to Point Dume. It was a perfect beach day! Laying in the sun, paddle boarding, hiking up to Point Dume, playing beach games and just enjoying the ocean view. There is no better way to recharge and get ready for a new work week than a day on the beach.


After a very long California “winter” (which is, of course, no Swedish winter, but still grey and a bit cold) I finally feel like the summer is here and that it is here to stay! We Started the official summer with a perfect evening on the beach in Newport. Because what better way to spend a summer night than having a bonfire on the beach? Gathering friends and family to have a barbecue on the beach. Barbecuing hamburgers, hot dogs and of course end the night with making S’more? It was the perfect way to start the summer!




As a graphic designer, I love being creative and work on design projects. I also like being creative in other ways such as photography. I often bring my camera and just take photos of elements around me, making common elements beautiful. One of my favorite places to enjoy and also to take photos of is the ocean/ the beach. There is nothing more relaxing or beautiful than the beach and the ocean. It expresses a combination of peacefulness and emptiness combined with motion and infinity.