Another successful weekend in Mammoth πŸ™‚ The last couple of weeks it has been snowing so much that we felt like we could not say no to this opportunity. We stayed again at The Village Lodge which has turned in to our favorite hotel in Mammoth. Its location is amazing! Literally, just a couple of steps outside our room is the Gondola is located. Then there are plenty of restaurants and shops within walking distance. The rooms are also great because they are hotel condo rooms with kitchen, balcony, fireplace and much more. Super cozy! We drove up Friday and skied Saturday and Sunday before we drove back to Santa Monica. It had been snowing all week, including Friday. So on Saturday, there was so much snow and powder everywhere:)! So much fun but it gives you a good workout in the legs. It didn’t snow Saturday, so on Sunday the snow was nice and a bit easier on the legs to ski on. It was a great getaway skiing weekend, and I love how I can go skiing just a 5-hour drive from the beach.


I love my job! Being a freelance graphic designer is for me a dream job. I get to work on so many different types of projects and meet all kind of impressive people and clients. You never know what you are going to get to work on next. I also love being a freelancer because I get the opportunity to work from wherever I am. I can go back to Stockholm, Sweden and work from there for two weeks or I can go to Mammoth for a couple of days and do some skiing and work from there. I can also find new exciting coffeeshops/restaurants in LA/ Santa Monica / Venice where I can work from during the week. It makes my everyday workflow much more exciting! The fact that I can create my own schedule is great! I am a very productive person so creating my schedule and staying on top of all the projects have never been a problem. I am one lucky girl! πŸ™‚


This weekend the girls and I had a little getaway weekend in downtown San Diego to celebrate our lovely Josefin who is getting married this summer! This city is one of my favorite places in the USA; if I didn’t live in Santa Monica, I think downtown San Diego would be my next choice. Everything is right there, and the city gives me the impression of a more beachy and relaxed downtown compared with LA where there are beach cities and then downtown LA, but they are very separated and different from each other. Downtown San Diego seems to be a combination of both. Love the place!

Another successful getaway weekend! This weekend we decided to go skiing in Mammoth Mountains. It is crazy that one day I can be laying on the beach and 5 hours later I am in the middle on the slopes! California truly gives you the opportunity to travel, experience and make new memories. I love being active, but skiing is one of my favorite activity. It is something I used to do every year since I was a little kid. Then there was a couple of years break but got back into it about two years ago. Now it is one of my favorite thing to do πŸ™‚ For this weekend we booked a 2-bed condo room at The Village Lodge in Mammoth, and it is super cozy! There are a fireplace, games, kitchen, patio and everything you would need. The hotel also has a pool and spa which is, of course, a plus πŸ˜‰ Then everything is walking distance to everything; restaurants, bars, stores and much more. Outside our room is the gondola up to the slopes which makes it so easy. I hope there is going to be snowing a lot so we can come back soon for some more hot chocolate and skiing!



Finally, the sun is out, and it feels like the summer is back in LA! Because of the amazing weather what better way to spend a Saturday than hiking in Malibu with your friends? A combination of health, sun and time with your friends. We did 2-hour hiking at Solstice Canyon and then ended the day with a late lunch at Malibu Farms. I have actually never been there, but I have to say I was extremely impressed by the food; so delicious and healthy! And the restaurant itself was beautiful. I always thought Malibu farm on Malibu pier was a tourist trap but no! This is definitely one of my new favorite spots, and I will be there soon again.


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